By Matt May

Ibiza The Spanish island of Ibiza is synonymous with nightclubs, raves, parties and other forms of decadence and over-indulgence. Formerly a small island of fishermen, the island has developed a huge popularity as a holiday destination, especially for the younger generation.

Despite its lively reputation, Ibiza is a beautiful island, typified by rugged coastline and about half of the island is characterised by Mediterranean Pine forest. Interspersed between the pine landscape are sandy beaches and pockets of tourist development,

Party On Wayne!

If you are coming to Ibiza to party, you will be spoilt for choice. Nightclub connoisseurs will find the resorts of San Antonio and Ibiza Town ideal for a beach-nightclub holiday experience. DJs are flown in to the larger nightclubs from around the world during peak season. The clubbing season in Ibiza starts in late May and ends in early October. However you will be able find clubs open throughout the year in the main resorts, and one of the biggest parties of the year is held on New Years Eve at the huge DC10 venue.

Ibiza does have a few quieter holiday resorts mainly on the north of the island. The small resort of Portinatx on the north of the island offers quiet seaside location away from the club heartland further south.

Visitor Suggestions

Crowded Ibiza beach in summer (photo by Dirk from Paderborn, Germany)

Must see

Es Vedra, the mystical island rock, located at the west coast of Ibiza. Also the Cova De Can Marca, the biggest natural caves in Ibiza,

Must Visit

The popular Hard Rock Cafe in Ibiza Town is a popular destination for grabbing a familiar American-style burger or some nachos in the traditional Hard Rock surroundings.

Must Eat

Local specialities include Ensamaida - a local fluffy pastry, a bit similar to a Danish pastry, and Flao, which is a sweet mint and cheese flan.

When to visit

The busiest times of year in Ibiza are June-September which coincides with the warmest weather. However, due to the warm climate of the island, anytime from late April to late October should be warm, and even in winter temperatures usually reach 14-17 degrees maximum in the daytime with plenty of sunshine which is ideal for walkers and cyclists.

In summer the popular resorts such as San Antonio the beaches get extremely busy, especially close to the resort centres. If you want quieter beaches September and October are good months to visit the island, and the seas is still warm enough for swimming.

How to get there

Ibiza's international airport is located 7km from Ibiza Town and around 20km from San Antonio. A taxi into Ibiza Town should cost less than €20 and just under €30 to San Antonio.