In 1956 had a small population and just 12 cars, today it has a population of over 100,000 (and some more cars!). These locals indulgently watch the over 4 million visitors who come here each year and transform this unusual island into a holiday-makers paradise.

One of the Balearic islands, Ibiza has a rugged coastline and about half of the island remains covered under thick forest. Interspersed between these woods and harsh landscape are sandy beaches and heavy tourist development.

During the peak season you are not likely to find any empty beaches unless you decide to go for a walk through the woods, or through the quieter coastal areas which are few and far between.

Ibiza is believed to be the birthplace of the rave and is home to innumerable bars and clubs. Noise is an added appendage to all these places and they are the gathering points of hippies, package tourists and nudists.

Visitor Suggestions:

Must see:

Es Vedra, the mystical island rock, located at the west coast of Ibiza. Also the Cova De Can Marca, the biggest natural caves in Ibiza

Must do:

Attend the wharf side festival. Fresh food, local trinkets and enticing flavours, this is their version of a carnival

Must Eat:

Local specialities - Ensamaida is a local fluffy pastry, a bit similar to a Danish pastry, and Flao, which is a sweet mint and cheese flan

When to go:

Summer time is the best time to visit Ibiza. The weather is nice and warm and by May the days are becoming warmer and fun to be at the beach in. The temperatures are in their min-twenties. In August and September the temperatures do rise to the thirties, but the water is nice and cool and just right to go for a swim. In winter the area is filled with flowers and the crowds have decreased tremendously. It is a pleasure to just walk around and join the fiestas of the local population.

How to get there:

Ibiza's international airport is located 7 kms away from the capital and receives direct flights from Spain and other European countries. There are many charter and low-cost flights which also travel to Ibiza.