Despite recent financial difficulties Greece is a safe-bet for a relaxing summer getaway. With the financial problems there are plenty of great value holidays to be found on the mainland or on one of the many islands.

With one of the world's oldest civilizations and fabulous sunny weather, Greece has much to offer to its visitors. The experiences range from thriving nightclubs to monuments which reflect the golden era of Greek history. The island of Mykonos offers scenic beauty which is unmatched in most of Europe, the sparkling white homes and the blue domes - make for an amazing combination.

Spectacular mountain ranges, endless olive orchards, superb beaches and architecture which carry within it centuries of history, Greece has all this and much more. Greece

There are also lively nightclubs, superb hotels and facilities for the tourists, there is accommodation in all shapes and sizes and prices to match every budget. Above all, there is the indomitable Greek sprit, their joy for life and the smile with which they greet every tourist in their country.

Visitor Suggestions

Must visit

Delphi - not just for the ancient sanctuary of Apollo, but also for the location of this quaint village on the edge of a cliff.

Greek Food

A lot of traditional Greek food is similar to that served in neighbouring Turkey. Fish, lamb, feta cheese, chick peas, olives, aubergine, salads and yoghurts are all part of the traditional and varied Greek cuisine. Greece caters superbly for vegetarians with dishes such as vegetables stews and bean and rice dishes served in most restaurants.

Try the Fasolada which is a popular traditional soup made from beans.

Must drink

For the Greeks, coffee is an essential part of their daily life. Greek coffee is similar to Turkish coffee and can be very strong and almost treacle-like.

When to go

The best time to visit Greece is spring and autumn, preferably the months of May, June and September and October. During winter most of the tourist facilities close down. Even though peak season is from mid-June till the end of August, the traveller must remember that the temperatures can soar very high and the places are very crowded. If you can travel between the months of Easter and mid-June then you are likely to encounter better weather and fewer tourists and better prices.


Athens International Airport located in the suburb of Spata near Athens, is the nation's largest airport handling over 17 million passengers annually. There are 16 international airports in Greece, but apart from Athens the other major ones are Thessaloniki, Rhodes and Iraklio (Heraklion) on the island of Crete.