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Cyprus Airports

The main airports in Cyprus are Larnaca (near Aya Napa) on the south coast, and Paphos which is located in the more scenic west of the island. Larnaca airport was built in the 1970's, but has recently undergone a major overhaul and refurbishment to bring it up to date.

There are plenty of facilities - shopping areas and food outlets are of a high standard. There are good public transport links from the airport to the town and to other parts of the island. However it is easier to hire a car at the airport to enable you to explore the island to the full.

Note that it is not permitted to drive rental cars to the Northern Turkish region of the island.

When to visit Cyprus

The summer months are the busiest months, particularly in the tourist hot spots of Aya Napa (Agia Napa) and Paphos (Pafos). Average summer daytime temperatures range between 25 - 37 degrees centigrade, but can reach a scorching 40 degrees.

Coastal Cyprus is one of the warmest winter destinations in Europe, so winter is the perfect time to visit if you want to escape the cold northern European temperatures. Even into November the sea is pleasantly warm. Winter is the ideal time for outdoor activities such as walking, cycling, golf and bird-watching.

In winter skiing is popular in the Troodos Mountains while you can still sunbathe on the coast. The reason for the temperature difference is that much of inland Cyprus is at high altitude. So if you are driving inland in Cyprus during winter it is worth considering taking warmer clothing in case of breakdown.

Choosing a Resort in Cyprus

Sandy beaches and lively nightlife: Ayia Napa
Beautiful coastal scenery: Paphos
Quiet family location: Protaras
Mountains (cooler temperatures): Troodos Mountains


Varosha Famagusta

Whether you're looking for a holiday with sun, fun and an energetic nightlife or a more relaxed "walking in the lemon groves" type of holiday, Cyprus has plenty to offer. Located in the Eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus has a wonderful mix of culture - Greek and Turkish, European and African.

Spectacular mountain ranges, endless olive orchards, superb beaches and architecture which carry within it centuries of history, Greece has all this and much more

Many of the coastal regions of Cyprus such have been developed extensively for the tourist industry and are bustling with life. But if you're looking for somewhere quieter, there are plenty of options inland. During the hot summer months a trip into the cooler Troodos mountains enables you to get away from the scorching temperatures. The area has pine forests, ancient frescoed churches and monasteries and a wealth of wild life.

There are plenty of wine growing villages in the mountains and where you can stop for a leisurely lunch at a local taverna and sample traditional Cyprus cuisine and locally produced wines. The mountain area is also home to a burgeoning ski resort in the winter months.

One of the most unspoilt parts of the island is the Akamas peninsula which is a UNESCO site. Here you can enjoy walking or cycling or you can relax on the lovely tranquil and secluded beaches on this side of the island. The nearby Lara Bay is a turtle breeding ground and a sanctuary for endangered species.

Visitor Suggestions

Something Different - Visit Famagusta a town lost in time

A day trip to the ghost town of Famagusta in Turkish ruled northern Cyprus will transport you back to the mid-1970's.

Formerly a thriving holiday resort, the Varosha district of Famagusta has been frozen in time since its invasion by Turkey in 1974. The cars and buildings remain untouched since the invasion. The sea front area of Varosha is still a "no go zone" and is closely guarded by the Turkish military.

Trips to Famagusta (and other day trips around Cyprus are available from the Red Bus Company. The Red Bus Famagusta tour takes you to the beach next to the sealed off area of Varosha. Note that photographs of the abandoned town are forbidden (but there are plenty on the internet).

Must Drink

Apart from the local wines which are produced in vineyards on the higher ground, try one of the local Cypriot brandies after a meal.

Must see

Church of Agios Lazarus in Larnaca - a wonderful example of Byzantine architecture.

Must do

Cyprus offers some of the best diving in Europe, with the warm and shallow offshore waters harbouring a colourful array of underwater sea life.